Accounts Receivable Factoring

We’d like to show you a way to turn a current asset into cash in as little as 24 hours.

Factoring of your Accounts Receivable is a financing option you may have overlooked as you planned the cash flow timing of your business. While profit is the life-blood of a business, a cash flow is the heart that keeps everything running. The timing of cash flow for your business is critical!

Through Factoring, getting cash immediately from your receivables, (not 30-60 days), quickly provides the funds you need for: Payroll, Equipment, Fuel, Taxes or any other operating expenses when you need cash quick.

Experts since 1992

While Factoring may be new to you, it is a time proven way of financing that has been, and continues to be used by thousands of companies of all sizes, worldwide. Our Factoring Department, located in Paris, Tennessee, has been servicing clients nationwide since 1992. We understand the many needs for this service.

Many circumstances drive your financial decisions. McKenzie Banking Company/Foundation Bank’s offer will always be predicated on meeting your financial needs through all circumstances.

Need help with your cash flow - yesterday?
Accounts Receivable Factoring may be just what you need.

 at Foundation Bank

Ben has been working for over 11 years to get money into the hands of small businesses quickly with our accounts receivable solutions.

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