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The Bottom Line

AN ECONOMIC CROSSROADS This is the best job market in the history of this country. At least, that’s what the numbers tell us. The unemployment rate sits at 3.6%. That means that 96.4% of those who want a job already have one. If you look past the numbers and listen to the comments of everyday […]

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Things to Watch in 2017

Here we are at the beginning of 2017, a year that is sure to be filled with many changes. We expect certain themes for the year to emerge quickly and would like to share with you four themes to look for in 2017. On the economic front, we can expect to see a theme of […]

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My First Experience with Uber

I had heard good things about Uber, but I wanted to try it for myself. Hailing a complete stranger from your phone is intimidating at first, but now that I’ve taken the plunge I’m hooked. My first Uber experience began with my downloading the app at the Nashville airport. I entered my credit card and […]

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What Potty Training Teaches Me About Leadership

It’s our third time to potty train. I hate this part of parenting. I love my four kids, but I hate potty training them. I try to allow life experiences to teach me something – particularly the miserable ones. So here is my attempt to share what I have learned from potty training a toddler, […]

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